As he grew older, Jesse’s love for dance music got people talking. Slowly but surely his great taste made friends move and groove, as he always loved sharing his music. It was then, at the age of 15 that Jesse got his first gig playing a little hall filled with people from his local neighborhood. Although Jesse lacked the technical knowledge; his skilled ear allowed him to instantly become a success. Juggling songs around all night, Jesse’s instinct gave him the drive to follow through, eventually calling the DJ booth his home.

Night after night, the reactions from the crowd hungered Jesse for more. He began to hit the local clubs to observe the DJs. His ambition took the lead, and he quickly began learning the intricate details of mixing, all taking it in and making it his own. Soon enough Jesse’s introduction to the sexy, melodic sound of house music sparked his love affair that would last for years to come. In spring of 2006, at one of Montreal’s biggest raves, Bal en Blanc, Jesse was initiated into the underground sounds of Sultan and Deep Dish; ultimately pioneering him into the true world of DJing. Instantly, Jesse’s image gravitated into a more progressive & techy sound; it was then that he truly began to grow as an artist.

That summer Jesse was playing 7 nights a week, allowing him to begin building his own studio at home. It’s in this studio that Jesse went from making mix tapes for his friends to demos for clubs. His first demo was for a DJ contest being held at Circus, a local afterhour. This competition set the stage for the rest of Jesse’s performances. Having impressed the judges and ultimately the crowd, it landed him the opportunity to begin playing the infamous afterhour scene of Montreal. Shortly after, clubs like Stereo, RedLite and Tribe Hyperclub hired this evolving DJ, and ever since has shared the decks with internationally renowned DJs such as Sasha, Max Graham, Ned Shepard, and Cesar Bass Romero, just to name a few. 

It is without a doubt that Jesse is one of Montreal’s rising stars. With his superior work ethic, an obsessively extensive electronic vinyl library and the willingness to pursue the full extents of his musical passion, given the chance, this young talent will make everyone crave for more!


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