DJ Steve Aries has established himself as a preferred artist at major events and clubs in the Montreal area, as well as being a local favourite at after-hours and more intimate clubs. Combining the best of the Americas and Europe, Steve Aries possesses an international flare and panache that has heated up dance floors around the world. International appearances include  Le Nouveau Casino (Paris, France), Nectar Bar (Cancun, Mexico), Le Queen (Paris, France), 4sans (Bordeaux, France), Teatriz Discoteca (Lima, Peru) and the new and promising BPM Festival (Playa del Carmen, Mexico) . An influential figure in the bustling, competitive Montreal scene, Steve Aries has spun at some of the city’s most influential clubs including Playground, which gave birth to Montreal’s now legendary afterhours scene. Local appearances include residency at Red Lite, Sky Club and Saloon along with regular guest performances at Jacques Villeneuve’s Newtown, David Morales’ Stereo, Upperclub & Mile End (on Montreal’s "Main" Street; St Laurent) and Montreal’s popular gay clubs; Unity 2 and Parking. In his sets, Steve Aries serves a series of hypnotic mixes where progressive, electro and minimalist influences cumulate into a vibrant House music of rare intensity. Steve Aries’ sexy sound is a distinctive reflection of Montreal’s vibrant diversity. DJ Steve Aries recently finalized the production of the 2009 theme song of Montreal’s Bal en Blanc, Dressed in White, along with singer Yan Lavoie. The theme song will be performed live during the mega event held at Montreal’s Convention Center, in a remix by DJ Markus Schultz. Steve Aries also mixed the Red Lite Series 5 CD which includes one of his own production ‘’Should I’’ featuring Yan Lavoie, with whom he is preparing the release of a new album that will present all original tracks.

DJ and producer, Steve Aries collaborated with the most inspired organizers on the local and international scene of house, electronic and dance music. Be it as  a DJ or as a producer, he collaborated to the following festivals and events: Divers/Cité,  Bal En Blanc,  MEG and Black & Blue in Montréal,  BPM festival in Playa del Carmen, WMC party at Score in Miami and La Fête De La Musique in Brives la Gaillarde (France). DJ Steve Aries produced the closing show of  the 2008 edition Of Montreal’s Divers/Cité festival, in a House remix of Edith Piaf’s La Foule, featuring Lavoie and Patsy Gallant. Steve Aries collaborated with Quebec rock star Marie-Mai. He also collaborated with a string quartet from the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, a 4-piece choir, a conductor and composer of contemporary classical music, and renowned vocalist Stephane Moraille to create a truly magical and unique experience. Steve Aries is also keen to bring a live element to his performances and features live instruments and vocalists on his DJ sets. "I enjoy conducting house symphonies he explains. Now member of the new collective “Totally Mental” with Esteban Rockett (, 2009 promises to be the most productive year of a rich career. His unique sound and style have earned him the recognition of the industry and the readership of The Fresh Page website ( lately awarded him the fifth position in Canada’s Best Djs Contest, where Deadmau5 won the first position.

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